3 Tips for Self-Care During COVID-19


While self-care was a trending concept prior to COVID-19, the past seven months have brought self-care to the forefront of our world. As we navigate daily changes and deal with more stresses we can’t escape, many have relied on self-care practices to remain healthy and support their mental health. In fact, a recent survey found that 80% of Americans are now focusing more on their self-care practices since COVID-19. But one question many are asking though is, “what exactly is self-care?” Well, your self-care routine should really focus on what your specific needs are, right? What brings you joy, fulfillment, and peace. With that in mind, these three tips are a good place to start when it comes to creating the perfect self-care routine for you.

Soothe Your Mind

Mental toughness is more difficult now than ever before. But it isn’t impossible, and it’s so important. These are a few helpful tips to soothe your mind:

  • Make lists & a schedule – our mind can start to feel like a cluttered mess balancing all the things this pandemic has changed in our day-to-day. Make a task list and a schedule every day to keep yourself organized, it’ll help you feel less jumbled and more accomplished! You can also add herbal supplements like focus drops to your routine.
  • Read a book or watch a new show – sometimes escaping to a different world is the best way to keep us grounded in our current situation, “escape” through the pages or a new series you can watch with your family.

Soothe Your Body

It’s no secret that a strong body can help lead to a strong mind, which is critical for us all right now! Try adding one of these to your daily routine each week until they become habits:

  • Eat healthy foods – frozen pizza is delicious, but not nutritious.
  • Drink all the water – dehydration can lead to a fuzzy mind, fatigue,
  • Move your body every day – even a quick walk around the block is better than nothing.
  • Sleep – your body cannot refuel without catching a few zzz’s at night! If you’re having trouble, try calming essential oils or warm baths and bath bombs.

Soothe Your Soul

  • Meditate – ease into your day with a quick 10-minute meditation to help you set a positive intention for the day – apps like Calm and Peloton can help. Light incense to add sensory stimulation.
  • Start a gratitude journal – start or end your day writing down five things you’re grateful for to help frame your mind and realize all the good around you.

At the end of the day whether it’s a long bath or a Netflix binge, your self-care routine needs to be made up of things that make you feel whole again when it seems like things are falling apart all around us. You do you!

What are the most critical parts of your self-care routine? Share your tips in the comments!