3 Ways to Infuse Joy into Your Life


3 Ways to Infuse Joy into Your Life

Today it can be easy to let the weight of the world weigh you down.

That’s why consciously choosing joy and setting yourself up daily to appreciate the little things is so important. As we get older, it’s easy to let the to-do list and the constant pressures of society to take over your mind, your soul, and your body. That fire, that spark, that relentless happiness that we felt in our youth fades. We tend to focus on the problems in life, rather than solutions that can bring that spark back and allow us to feel joy daily. Sound familiar?

Here are 3 ways our Bouvie & Co. team has taken control back, infusing joy into their lives. Maybe it will spark something in you…

Move Your Body

It’s a proven fact that exercise can help your brain more sensitive to the feeling of happiness and joy. Exercise provides your brain with a dose of endorphins which enhances your mood and greater oxygen saturation which helps alleviate anxiety and create positive energy.

So, take that virtual Zumba class and dance like no one is watching. Hit up the outdoor cycling club you’ve been meaning to join for years. Purchase that at-home spin bike you’ve been eyeing throughout quarantine.

Your brain and your body will thank you, and you’ll start to see more joy appearing in your life daily.

Find a New Hobby

Trying new things will spark new feelings, joy being one of them!

Whether you want to get outside and reconnect with nature on a daily hike, learn how to knit, refurbish that vintage dresser, or volunteer for an organization that really lights you up – find  something that you can add to your weekly schedule that you know will excite you and bring you joy.

Create Your Zen Space

It’s no secret we’ve been spending a lot of time at home recently. For many your bedroom has become your office, your kitchen is now the lunchroom – and the environment you surround yourself with directly affects your mood!

Add artwork with bold pops of color. Start that indoor jungle you’ve always dreamed of with all the greenery and beautiful houseplants. Buy a new chair you can cuddle up in with a good book and fuzzy blanket when the colder months creep up on you. Add a diffuser to infuse the space with calming scents.

Creating a space you love in your home will provide lasting effects on your levels of joy and mental health!


How will you choose to infuse joy into your life?